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$10,000 OWN Bahamas 2016 Recipient

Tamarind Burrows-Isaacs

Brer Bookie Meat Co.

Natural, Hormone-Free, Locally Produced Meat Sausage production using organic, locally farmed meats

Tamarind Burrows-Isaacs has been an entrepreneur since the age of sixteen, when she started a babysitting service. She now holds a Master’s Degree in International Economic Development from Eastern University, and believes that the way to improve any developing economy is through small business development.

Tamarind is a world traveler who feels like food is the best way to experience a culture. She has been experimenting with sausage making since college along with her cousin, and in 2015 decided to test the local market at a local food festival. She and her husband Tyson, introduced a home-made chicken sausage, and they were an overwhelming hit! Brer Bookie Meat Company, named after a Bahamian folklore, was born. Tamarind and Tyson are now on a mission to make Brer Bookie a Bahamian household name, as well as a must try for tourists.

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